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Schedule of Fees

  Unit Cost (VEP)
Entry Fee
Fees to initially setup the share registry for the company. Also a fee is charged per application for entering the details on the system provided it is in an acceptable format.  

Small increases to issued capital will be charged $1.00 per application.  

$500 per register

$1.00 per application
Ongoing Register Maintenance  
Total fee in regards to the above consists of maintenance of the registry software as well as maintenance of computer records and answering of shareholder queries. 

$75.00 per month per company
$0.50 per shareholder per company per month
Transaction Fee 
Transaction fee includes recording and processing of trade details as well printing out certificate(s).

$1.00 per side per trade


Processing Fees 
• Off market transfers
• Issuing of replacement cheques
• Issuing of replacement Certificates
• Audit Confirmations
• Monthly Report to companies
• Providing soft copies of share registers

No Charge


Calculation and preparation of cheques and direct credits including:   
• Entering of distribution details
• Complying with tax requirements
• Complying with RBF requirements
• Preparation and arranging of mail outs
• Preparing bank reconciliations to determine cheques not presented 

$0.70 per local shareholder
$0.70 per overseas shareholder

Annual Report Distribution   
• Preparation and arranging of mail outs 

$0.50 per local shareholder
$0.50 per overseas shareholder
To be charged as incurred (includes envelopes, printing charges, postage, etc)

At cost

All companies shall pay all related fees to the Central Share Registry Pte Limited (CSRL) according to the invoices and within the specified time period.


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